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Welcome to the Northampton Community Energy Scheme. We hope to create a Renewable Energy Centre (REC) at the Westbridge Depot, St James Mill Road. The proposal is to construct a gasification facility which could provide renewable energy to local businesses.

The Northampton Community Energy Scheme is:

  • A safe and clean way of generating renewable energy from treated household waste that cannot be practically recycled
  • Energy in the form of heat and/or electricity could be used by nearby businesses, which will reduce their overheads, by cutting operating costs and helping them to flourish, supporting the local economy and jobs
  • The cost of putting non-recyclable waste into the REC will be significantly cheaper than the current disposal routes which helps the Council to deploy funds for more beneficial uses
  • The facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, compared to fossil fuel energy generation It will assist in combating the effects of climate change as a result, by providing an alternative to landfill
  • The facility will provide secure source of energy and help the UK to meet its European and national targets for renewable generation 

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